Welcome to this 4-part course presented by Master Certified Coach Josie Thomson.

This course will introduce you to the concepts of Neuroscience and how you can begin to incorporate the learnings from this exciting field of research into your coaching practice.​ Take your coaching practice to the next level by with this insightful course designed to help you reach your potential as a coach.

  • MODULE #1.
    Neuroscience 1.01

    In this group of 3 videos Josie Thomson talks about how an understanding of Neuroscience can resource you in your coaching practice. She discusses topics including why the brain matters, the important distinction between stress and reward, and an introduction to understanding how neurobiology can directly effect behaviour.

  • MODULE #2.
    Effective Coaching Tips

    Josie shares her top 3 coaching tips for coaches wanting to take their practice to the next level. Drawing from almost two decades of experience working with clients at all levels, Josie authentically offers what has worked for her and what were her greatest learnings in building a successful coaching business.

  • MODULE #3.
    A model for developing resilience

    Josie prides herself on being a resilience and mindset expert. As two time cancer survivor, Josie has worked with many people facing disease, grief and loss. In this module, Josie defines a new model for developing resilience in yourself and your clients.

What is included?

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Welcome
    • Learning Goals : Why are you doing this course?
    • Define your learning goals
  • 02
    Neuroscience 1.01
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    • Why the Brain Matters
    • Test the grey matter
    • Coaching Tip 1 - Coaching Mastery
    • Coaching Mastery Quiz
    • Coaching Tip 2 - Coaching Communication to Build Your Practice
    • Coaching Communication Quiz
    • Time for some reflection
  • 03
    Neurobiology for Coaches
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    • Neurobiology for coaches
    • Neurobiology Quiz
    • Neurobiology Reflection
  • 04
    Threat vs Reward
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    • Threat vs Reward
    • Threat vs Reward Quiz
    • Building Resilience Capability
    • Building Resilience Capability Quiz
    • Gong Sound Experience
    • Gratitude and Appreciation
    • Threat vs Reward Reflection
  • 05
    Where to from here?
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    • Recap of content
    • Final thoughts
    • What did you think of this course?

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  • Josie Thomson, MCC

    About the Presenter

    Josie Thomson is an internationally certified master coach, a neuroleadership graduate, lifestyle author, acclaimed business woman, mum and two-time cancer survivor. As a specialist in neuroleadership, change and resilience, Josie partners with her clients to achieve sustainable change and breakthrough business/lifestyle results.

    Josie Thomson, MCC

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